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We just can’t seem to resist when it comes to pottery. We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. It is too difficult to keep up with photos and inventory of each piece of pottery on our website, so you’ll just have to come take a look at our selection.

Winter Care
Although most of the pottery that we sell is “freeze-proof”, you still need to take precautions to avoid winter damage to the pottery. The safest thing to do if you are going to leave the pot outside is to empty it and turn it upside down. When planting into a ceramic pot, we often us a liner pot that fits down inside the opening of your pot. You fill the liner pot with soil and plants, which is then easier to remove and empty at the end of the season, compared to scooping soil and roots out of your heavy ceramic pot. We have a variety of sizes of liner pots available and can help you find one that’s the right fit for your pot.

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