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We ship only hostas and daylilies throughout the continental U.S. using USPS Priority Mail. We ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays allowing plants to arrive before the weekend. We take orders all year and ship from mid-April through mid-October. Shipping costs are $15 for the first 5 plants and 50 cents more for each additional plant. 

Shipping will begin on Monday, April 15th, 2024.




Ordering & Shipping Details

Ordering Hostas

When you order hostas to be shipped, you receive the same plant that customers shopping here at the nursery pick up. We take the plants out of their pot, shake off as much soil as possible, wrap the roots in plastic wrap, and ship them bareroot. 

Many will be very robust plants with multiple eyes while others may have single eyes. Size also varies greatly by the the varieties’ eventual mature size; minis will have much smaller eyes and root systems compared to large and giant hostas with big eyes and larger root systems. 

We try to keep leaves intact as much as possible when shipping. This is easy to do in early spring when leaves have not yet reached their full height. However, larger hostas ordered later in the season may require some leaves get cut in order to fit in the box. This will not harm the plant, and in fact is often beneficial in giving the plant’s roots fewer leaves to support as it is getting re-established.

Ordering Daylilies

When you order one plant, you will receive at least a double fan with a robust root system. We ship daylilies bareroot, with the roots moist and wrapped in newspaper. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our plants to be true to name and in good health at the time of purchase.  We guarantee trees & shrubs, hostas and daylilies through the first winter. 

All other plants are guaranteed for a period of 30 days.  Since we do not have control over when, where, and how they are planted and how they are maintained, nor over weather conditions, dogs, children and stray basketballs, we cannot guarantee plants beyond that time.

We attempt to sell plants that are listed as being hardy in this area (Zone 5), and to warn the customer as to any plant that is not.  However, we encourage our customers to educate themselves as much as possible as to the hardiness and cultural requirements of the plants they purchase.

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