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New Hostas for 2024

Mar 14, 2024 | News

We have some exciting new hostas this spring to add to your collection. Two varieties that offer striking tri-color foliage are ‘Love Story’ and ‘When I Dream’. ‘Love Story’ produces long leaves with green margins and creamy white centers, with chartreuse streaks that jet between the center and margin colors. This is a medium hosta that reaches 16 inches tall by 40 inches wide. A similar color contrast, although on a much larger plant, is found in ‘When I Dream’. This is an exciting hybrid of ‘Empress Wu’ and ‘Queen of the Seas’ and it grows 28 inches tall and 60 inches wide. The combination of tri-color variegation and size will surely make ‘When I Dream’ an impressive head-turner in the garden.

If you are a fan of the relatively new and popular variety ‘Silly String’, then you will love ‘Wild Imagination’. Compared with ‘Silly String’, this clump is more than twice the size, reaching 22 inches tall and 50 inches wide. ‘Wild Imagination’ forms a wild-looking blue mound of narrow, twisted and ruffled leaves. The variety ‘Voices in the Wind’ also offers a beautiful variegation with blue-green foliage and very ruffled, creamy yellow margins. At 17 inches tall and 46 inches wide, this clump will catch your eye with its elegance and sophisticated presence.


Bright Foliage is in Your Future

If you’re looking for some bright foliage to lighten up your shade garden, check out ‘Seasons in the Sun’ or ‘Echo the Sun’. ‘Seasons in the Sun’ is very large and very bright, with a relatively upright habit that grows up to 28 inches tall and 50 inches wide. Flat, gold leaves have a gentle wave along the margins with prominent veins. ‘Echo the Sun’ is bright yellow with nicely rippled margins and reaches 19 inches tall and 44 inches wide. This variety is like a gold version of the blue hosta ‘Diamond Lake’.

A nice new blue offering for this season is ‘Above the Clouds’. Cloudy blue leaves that are somewhat rounded and puckered form a large, impressive clump that grows up to 25 inches tall with a spread of nearly 60 inches. Thick leaves are resistant to slugs. A small variety, ‘Silver Bullet’, is like a larger version of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, with densely packed, thick, rounded blue leaves.

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