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New Hostas for 2023

Mar 2, 2023 | News

We have several new hostas for this spring, with more new varieties to make an appearance later in the summer. ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ is a new addition to the Proven Winners collection. This large-sized hosta is a beauty that grows 22” tall and 48” wide with lavender flowers. Heart-shaped, blue leaves have crisp, creamy white margins with lovely ruffling all the way to the leaf tips. ‘Peace and Quiet’ is a recent introduction by hybridizer Bob Solberg. Glossy green leaves have variable creamy margins that widen near the tip of the leaf. Abundant light purple blooms are held on dark purple scapes. This is a medium hosta that grows 15” tall and 24″ wide. ‘Trendsetter’ is a striking hosta with green, heart-shaped leaves and wide yellow margins. Throughout the summer the margins will turn creamy white. Slightly rippled margins draw attention to the beautiful variegation. ‘Trendsetter’ is a low growing, but wide hosta, with a height of 12” and a spread of 40”.

‘Orion’s Belt’ forms a medium-large clump of slightly corrugated, rounded leaves. The blue-green leaves with yellow margins in spring become more green with white margins in summer. Grows 20” tall by 45” wide with lavender flowers in early summer. ‘Silly String’ is a small hosta with narrow blue leaves and intensely wavy margins. Forms a dense, attention-grabbing clump that grows 14” tall and 28” wide, with purple flowers in summer. ‘Rough Lemon’ is another unique Bob Solberg introduction. Yellow leaves are covered with a thick layer of milky wax, and the bright burgundy color of the petioles shoots up the mid vein of each leaf. Forms a small clump that grows 14” tall and 24” wide.