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Protect Your Investment: Prevent plant loss from pests

Jul 8, 2024 | News

Dave steps on an easy set mole trap in our display gardens.Moles and Voles

Underground root systems can be damaged or wiped out by moles and voles. The underground runs can cause plants, including hostas, to dry out. And voles can actually eat the hosta roots and crowns. We carry Easy Set Mole Eliminator Traps that can be set with an easy foot stepping motion into the path of a mole. It requires no baits, poisons, or hazardous chemicals. We use them all over our gardens, but we find they are most successful in grassy areas as opposed to mulched areas. Dave Hornbaker says to press the mole tunnel down approximately one foot on each side of the point where you set the trap, so when the mole is traveling along his tunnel, he has to start working a bit as he burrows directly into the trap.

As an alternative, consider Holy Moley, a granular product, as an organic, pet safe mole repellent. One ten pound bag treats up to 5000 sq feet. On Day 1- Apply on lawn areas NOT affected with moles and water in for 20 minutes. On Day 2- Apply on lawn areas where mole infestations HAVE occurred and water in for 20 minutes. On Day 3- Reapply on ENTIRE lawn and water in for 20 minutes. Tip: Punch holes into mole tunnels and shake 2 Tbsp. into hole and close the hole. It can be easily applied to lawn with a broadcast spreader. PlantSkydd, which we discuss below in the rabbit section, is also designated for granular treatment to repel voles but not moles.

Rabbits, Deer and other critters

Hornbakers carries a selection of pest control products, including all natural and organic products.Bunnies love to munch on leaves and sometimes take plants down to ground level. We carry three rabbit repellent products. Rabbit Scram is a no odor all natural granular repellent in a 2.5 pound shaker, which covers 1,350 square feet. It can be applied as a wide protective band along the perimeter of the landscape or garden, or directly at the dripline of targeted plants. Application effectiveness ranges from 30-45 days, depending on the weather. Rabbit Scram also works well under fresh snow, and can be hung in thin cloth bags on short poles or on lowest visible branches.

Rabbit Mace is a liquid repellent that comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle as well as a 40 oz. concentrated form that you can mix yourself. Shake it well and spray as much as 1400 sq feet with the 40 oz spray bottle. For use on gardens, lawns, flowers, shrubs, ornamental plants and vines. It incorporates a time-released sticking agent to maintain reliability in rain, snow, or during watering. Spray initially and then repeat spray after 7 days, then the product lasts one month before reapplication is needed. Rabbit Mace is approved for organic gardening, and as a bonus, its active ingredient has long been recognized as an organic (12N) fertilizer.

Multiple Offenders?

Plantskydd is an organic shaker product that covers a wider range of pests, including rabbits, voles, opossum, squirrels, chipmunks, and deer (and for our readers up north, elk and moose). If you have a multitude of offenders, this might be the product for you. Safe for people, pets, plants, and pollinators, this 100% dried blood product is ideal for ground vegetation under 2’ high. It is rain resistant and effective for the longest time of the products we carry, at 6-8 weeks. You can use Plantskydd in the holes when planting bulbs and around the top of the soil after planting bulbs. We carry three sizes: 2 pound, 3 pound, or 8 pound shakers. 2 lbs will cover 1000 square feet.

Japanese beetles, deer, slugs, dogs, and other insects can also be repelled by items in our garden center. You can read more about preventing damage from Japanese Beetles here. Stop in to see our selection.