New fuel for fire pots…..PatioLite

We have a new fuel for fire pots called PatioLite in stock! A 32-ounce bottle sells for $12.99 and should provide 8+ hours of burn time.

Directions for Use: Insert PatioLite safety wick into standard 3” stainless steel pot insert and fill with approximately 2/3 cup of PatioLite – this is about ½ of the volume of the pot insert. Do not overfill the vessel as the top of the Safety Wick needs to be exposed to air in order to operate properly. Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the fuel to absorb into the wick. Light the Safety Wick. Like a candle, the flame will take approximately 1 minute to build to full size – typically 3-4”. You should experience around 80-90 minutes of burn time. A wick will last for numerous bottles.

PatioLite was developed to eliminate the potential problem that can occur when people pour additional fuel into still burning firepots. While we recommend fully extinguishing your flame between refills, the high flash point on PatioLite eliminates this potential problem from occurring. In addition, the wick will absorb most, if not all of the fuel, which makes it safe in the event of the vessel being knocked over. If it is knocked over the fuel will not burn without being in contact with the wick.

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