Wisteria ‘Blue Moon’ Blooms in Illinois

Wisteria 'Blue Moon'

Yes, you can get wisteria to bloom here in the Midwest.  We carry three varieties that are touted as being hardy bloomers for this area:  ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Aunt Dee’, and ‘Amethyst Falls’.  The picture here is of ‘Blue Moon’, growing in our gardens and blooming right now.

To get wisteria to bloom here, you need to plant one of these hardy varieties, and then follow some basic pruning guidelines.  The first couple of years after planting, you need to develop its main stem.  The first year, just let the plant grow, and help it get attached to the post it needs to climb.  Remove any vigorous horizontal shoots that develop near ground level.  The second year, throughout the growing season, constantly remove all the sprouts at the ground and along the main stem.  This will get the vine up and onto the structure from which you want it to hang.

In following years, in the spring, after it leafs out, remove any stems that have died back.  Then, after the first big flush of bloom, head back many of the really vigorous vegetative branches, taking off perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of the branch.  Some of those can be removed completely if they are really rampant.  Prune this same way later in the summer, but not after late August.  The removal of unwanted sprouts from the main stem and from the crown and roots, needs to continually take place.

By choosing a hardy variety and doing a little proper pruning, you can get a great wisteria show.

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