‘Vanilla Strawberry’ Hydrangeas are Hot

Hydrangea 'Vanilla Strawberry'

Hydrangeas are hotter than ever this year, and we just got resupplied with some of the hottest varieties.  ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ is our most requested variety.  We sold out of two previous shipments, but just received 20 more today.  ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ is a paniculata type with huge white flowers that turn pink and then red.  New white flowers continue to come, making for a sensational multi-color show the rest of the season.  ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ will grow to at least 6′ tall and wide.

‘Pinky Winky’ hydrangea is also a paniculata type that has large white flowers that turn pink and then red, but the tips of the flowers keep shooting up white florets, making for a multi-color show along the same lines as ‘Vanilla Strawberry’.  Although we generally recommend some partial shade for most hydrangeas, a good customer tells me that she has ‘Pinky Winky’ planted in full sun, and it is sensational.  ‘Pinky Winky’ will grow to around 6′ tall and wide.

We also just got in 30 pots of Hydrangea ‘Bella Anna’, the sensational pink form of the old reliable ‘Annabelle’.  ‘Bella Anna’ is an arborescens type that grows around 3′ tall and wide’.  This one’s going to be very popular!

Keep in mind that different hydrangeas need to be pruned differently.  It’s easy as long as you know which type of hydrangea you have and follow the advice for that type.  See my earlier blog, which tells you how.  To find it, select Gardening Help from the Categories in the right column on this page.

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