Fairy Gardens Galore

The retail staff is all excited about the fairy garden accessories that Molly found and ordered in this spring.  I can’t believe that I am writing enthusiastically about fairy gardens, but I must admit that these cute little accessories are fun to play with.  The picture here shows a fairy garden in a special fairy garden box, but you can get creative with all sorts of containers, or even make a fairy garden in a special spot right in the ground.

Fairy Garden

Available mini accessories include houses, furniture, arbors, trellises, fences, critters, birds’ nests, birds’ eggs, sculptures, flower pots and fairy garden boxes, and probably some more I can’t remember.

Plants help complete the setting.  Choose plants that will stay small and not grow too quickly.  Succulents work really well. Ask the gals in our greenhouses to help you pick out some plants for your fairy garden.

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